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MoW - Assault Squad (orig. Men of War - Assault Squad) is an add-on for Men of War wich is concentrates on infantry battles and the infantry's factor in win of battles. It adds several new maps to the game, adds new units and vehicles, and improves some existing ones by a better grade of model detail and new textures.

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New Panther-model/skin with a more realistic armor-penetration system
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Title Men of War: Assault Squad
Release February 2011
Publisher 1C Company
Genre Real-time tactics

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One patch has been released for MoW - Assault Squad since its official release in february of 2011. One month after the add-on was available for download on several sellers' sites, the developers released patch #1 which fixes a lot of bugs and adds new features, such as a couple of new multiplayer maps, to the game. This resulting game version is 1.81.2, in comparison to 1.00.1 (release version code).