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Title Men of War: Vietnam
Release September 2011
Publisher 1C Company
Genre Real-time tactics

MoW: Vietnam facts:

  • same people that brought you Red Tide
  • be released around the same time as Assault Squad... New photos in the link below
  • check out the weapons for Vietnam! MoW - Vietnam: New Stuff



And while Assault Squad will be the skirmish/multiplayer game for skirmish/multiplayer fans, Men of War: Vietnam will be the next game for single-player campaign enthusiasts and will take place, as the name suggests, in the Vietnam War. This new game will have two lengthy single-player campaigns told from both sides of the war (the American army and the Viet Cong) and will feature historically authentic weaponry and armor, as well as new jungle terrain maps re-creating historical battles at key locations, such as the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Mekong Delta.
The brief demonstration level we played took place in a North Vietnamese jungle and tasked us with clearing the area of hostile threats. While our soldiers were as responsive to our real-time strategy-style orders as in any Men of War game, we noticed that in some cases, they automatically took a prone stance in high grass and foliage--which makes sense, since this new kind of light cover obscures more than it protects from incoming fire. We moved our squad, which included assault troops, a heavy gunner with a tripod-mounted M-60, and a sniper, along the riverbank to make contact with what appeared to be a small group of peaceful farmers digging ditches with mortar-looking things peeking out of them (most likely the rare and endangered mortar plant, we figured)…purely for farming purposes, of course. It was only when we brought in our troops for a closer look and the farmers all pulled out their AK-47s and opened fire on us that we started to suspect that they might have an ulterior motive. After a frantic, close-quarters battle around the mortar pits, we pacified the guerrilla warriors and escaped with the entire squad intact, but wounded. Jungle warfare will definitely add a new twist to the Men of War series, since it can be difficult to key in to small squads of enemies in the brush, particularly when they're fanning out (and that's despite the game's zoomed-out overhead view). Men of War: Vietnam will be out this fall.

Vietnam Trailer Video breakdown

Link to the video

  • 0:18 - The M-113 driving along with a truck
  • 0:24 - 2 Hueys taking off
  • 0:30 - A takeover of an American Base by the Viet Cong
  • 0:36 - You see the new PT boats in action, used by the Viet Cong
  • 0:40 - You see the Chaffee, from WWII, back in Vetnam, going to be blown up by an RPG-7
  • 0:49 - An M47 Patton tank taking out a small group of Viet Cong
  • 0:52 - An F-4 Phantom II, going to deliver either a napalm strike or a bombing raid
  • 0:56 - The Phantom Blows an unknown tank
  • 0:59 - A Huey flies over as American Flamethrower units burn a small village


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