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About the Men of War - Wiki
"An encyclopedia is only as good as its articles. An article is only as good as the community members have written it (so far).
And it depends on all of us, on each member, what quality this MoW encyclopedia has got."
You probably know Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia, which is the largest online encyclopedia world wide and alailible in hundreds of languages and dialects.

But there are also many more encyclopedian sites, mostly powered by MediaWiki, a website creation kit which even Wikipedia is powered by. Under several big universal wikis and together with hundreds of wikis about video games, there is this one. 2,609 pages, written by 2,740 registered community members under protection and leadership by 2 Administrators. But as you maybe know, every fansite, wether it is a forum portal, downloads base or community encyclopedia: The founders can only serve the site and it is up to the volunteered community to use and to form the site. That does not mean, Administrators are not people on who you can count in improving the site, it only means that it is up to the community what the site's appearance, internal and external, is.

Changes can be done every time: It is never too late to register or to write/edit a page here. You are welcome at any time!

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