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Modded Stuff!
A modification (mod) is not native part of the game. The creator(s) of it take the only care and responsibillity for the content of their mod.
The Modern Infantry Combat mod (MIC) is a Men of War modification which adds some mordern-warfare weapons to the game. It changes some game values to more realistic ones and adds new models.


  • Pure Infantry Combat with 18 Different Modern Day weapons
  • All new custom weapon models and player models
  • Realistic Machine gun handling
  • Realistic Recoil/ Burst fire code
  • Extended combat range (up to 180m)

Source: DMS Wiki


→ Main article: Mod installation
  1. Delete any previous version of this mod
  2. Unpak the file into: Men of War\mods\ -folder
  3. If you have not done it already: Install the latest update for Men of War (v1.11.3 or higher is supported)



Name: Modern Infantry Combat (MIC)
Description: Mordern warfare & realism mod
Language: English
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Forum-Thread: Digitalmindsoft